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Need Tile Cleaning in Jacksonville, FL?  Remember what your tile used to look like? Is your grout so discolored that you are thinking about putting a rug over it?  True Clean Carpet & Tile Care of Jacksonville makes it their business to restore your tile to like new condition.

We want you to know that we recently updated our tile and grout cleaning equipment to the Turbo Hydro Force Tile and Grout Cleaning System.  Although our previous equipment did a good job (really, we didn’t have any complaints!) we feel that the Hydro Force equipment is simply the best  tile cleaning system on the market today.  We could have continued with our older equipment but knowing there was a better tile cleaning system out there…well that just didn’t sit right with us.  So we made the investment and are glad we did.  This little puppy will make your floors shine like their happy to see you.  You will be too once you see the difference our new tile cleaning system makes.

Tile Cleaning Equipment Features:

  • 500-2,500 variable psi – (thats like an indoor pressure washer!)Jacksonville Tile Cleaner
  • Patented automatic vacuum compensator leaves the floor drier
  • Cleaning capacity 400 to 1000 square feet per hour depending on build up and texture of surface.
  • Head can reach under cabinets as low as 3-3/8″ high!
  • 10″ spinning spray bar

The spray jets apply our custom blended tile and grout cleaner which softens up the hard to reach dirt and grease deep down.  The powerful spray heads scrub in a circular motion loosening and dislodging the toughest stains which are then sucked immediately away by the vacuum tubes.  This process is repeated over and over many times a second to ensure your floor is as clean as possible.

True Clean Carpet & Tile Care is dedicated to providing you the best Tile and Grout cleaning service in Jacksonville.  Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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